World Smallest High Performance MEMS GNSS INS

All domains GNSS INS - Navigation and Stabilization System

The MIMU-M is an INS and AHRS, Navigation and Stabilization System, based on highest performing MEMS inertial and barometer. It is engineered to deliver maximum accuracy and reliability at minimal size and total cost of ownership.
The state-of-art INS and AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference Systems) solutions offer outstanding navigation and stabilization capabilities, thanks to the advanced state estimation techniques based on Kalman Filter algorithm and the innovative integration of in-house designed and manufactured ITAR-free inertial sensors, which can be coupled to GNSS or magnetic heading input (both through standard NMEA sentences) for automatic initialization and highly calibrate hybrid data output.
The MIMU-M provides maintenance-free, robust, lowest weight, compact volume inertial navigation solutions without compromising performance in all operational environments.

Phisical characteristics



35mm x 45mm


< 20gr

Power supply


Power Consumption


Input/Output interface


Operating Temperature range

-40°C to +70°C

Measurement range and accuracies (1σ)

Roll range

± 180°

Pitch range

± 90°

Heading range

0° - 360°

Latitude range

± 90°

Longitude range

± 180°

Velocity range

± 500 m/s

Altitude range (with GNSS)

8500 m

Body angular rate range

± 500°/s

Body acceleration range

± 16g

Roll and Pitch accuracy (fully static, without GNSS)

< 0.1°

Roll and Pitch accuracy (dynamic, without GNSS)

< 0.5°

Roll and Pitch accuracy (dynamic, with GNSS aiding)

< 0.2°

True Heading accuracy (dynamic, with GNSS aiding)

< 1.0°

True Heading drift rate drift (in hover condition with GNSS aiding)

< 5°/10min

Exceeded DO-334 target perfomance in case of GNSS outage by far:

Attitude Reference

DO-334 Cat. A4

Heading Reference

DO-334 Cat. H11