IMU/AHRS/Gyrocompass and Stabilization

Land inertial navigation solutions

Land navigation and surveying is dominated by GPS, which is a readily available and cheap technology. This is sufficient for positional accuracies >10m. For precision down to 0.2m, then differential GPS can be used. This is more expensive, but is certainly relatively easy to use and produces good results. However, there are applications for which the positional precision of GPS is not sufficient, or the GPS signal is not always available.

The continuous surveying of railway lines requires positional accuracies of Likewise, the measurement of body dynamics in the automotive industry require the precise measurement of rotations and accelerations also when GPS is not available, such as when passing through built-up areas or tunnels. We can provide such inertial measurement units (IMUs) with different performance levels for such tasks. These units are designed to be synchronized to other sensors (eg wheel odometers, GPS, altitude measuring gauges) using a synchronous data exchange system.