ARGO 4000

Airborne Inertial Navigation Family

INS/GNSS Navigation and Stabilization System

The ARGO 4000 is Civitanavi Systems latest dual use, ITAR free Inertial Navigation System for fixed and rotary wing aircrafts. The full accuracy INS, weighing a mere 3.5Kgs, is the world’s lightest, smallest and lowest power consuming Inertial Navigation System available in the market today.

The ARGO 4000 INS mets the very demanding and precise navigation capability required by airborne applications combined with ETSO certification for use in all civil certified aircrafts where effective navigation is required.

The ARGO 4000, due to the very flexible truly solid-state Fiber Optic Gyro technology and an innovative architecture that further reduces total components count, provides increased reliability and a significant improvement of maintainability over equivalent Ring Laser Gyro based product.

The ARGO 4000 family of products are also available in a range of accuracies from a basic Gyrocompass AHRS capability scaled up to a full accuracy 0.8nm/hour navigation system for retrofit and new build programs. The dual use, non-ITAR classification is fundamental in reducing delivery lead times for dual-use aircraft programs around the world.

Characteristics ARGO 4000 ARGO 4020 ARGO 4010
Heading (RMS) <0.05° sec LAT <0.1° sec LAT <0.5° sec LAT
Roll/Pitch (RMS) <0.02° <0.05° <0.1°
Position (CEP50) 0.8 nm/hr 2 nm/hr  10 nm/hr
Alignment time (data availability) 2 minutes 2 minutes 2 minutes
Alignment time (full accuracy) 5 minutes 5 minutes 10 minutes
Aiding source GPS TSO-C145c or GNSS (RTK/Omnistar) GPS TSO-C145c or GNSS (RTK/Omnistar) GPS TSO-C145c or GNSS (RTK/Omnistar)
SW/HW Compliance DO-178C/DO-254 DAL A DO-178C/DO-254 DAL A DO-178C/DO-254 DAL A

System Characteristics


Data output rate up to 500 Hz
Power requirements < 15 W 

Environmental and Reliability

Operating Temperature -40°C to +71°C
Not-operating Temperature -55°C to +85°C
Altitude UP TO 50 000 ft
Vibration Sinusoidal 5-150 Hz random 10-2000 Hz (DO-160G)
MTBF > 25000 Hours


W x H x D 106 x 132.2 x 223.2
Weight 3.5 Kg