Civitanavi Systems based its foundation on the vision of gaining the role of a principal player in the worldwide market of Inertial Measurements Units (IMU), Orientation and Stabilization Systems (AHRS), and Georeferencing solutions based on Inertial Navigation Systems (INS), for both Industrial and Aerospace & Defense applications.

To achieve this goal, the company considers as fundamental requirements the Quality of the product, the respect of the Environment and the Health and Safety of the Workers so much to design and implement an integrated management system “Quality – Health and Safety of the Workers – Environment” in accordance with EN 9100 and ISO 45001 and compliant with ISO 14001.

KEY ELEMENTS to ensure and develop the policy for quality, environment and health and safety of workers are:

COMPLIANCE: Managing its activities in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations, with the awareness that the ability and speed of reaction and adaptation to the changes in the regulations are a competitive advantage.
This is the basis of the corporate principle:

Product quality, which includes performance, reliability and safety, is the feature that makes the difference within the world market.

INNOVATION: Our goal is to create unique products, through innovative processes of research and production, with our technologies, aware that what makes this journey interesting is the passion for research, the ability to break the pre-existing paradigms, and explore new territories away from the disciplinary walls of tradition.
This is made clear in the corporate principle:

Civitanavi Systems believes in innovation and therefore constantly invests in research and development projects.

RESOURCES: Based on the respect of equality, we enhance our human resources through their personal and professional development, ensuring all
staff the necessary skills in relation to the role assigned through targeted training, encouraging processes of discussion and consultation as well as involvement in achieving the environmental, sustainability, health and safety at work and quality objectives defined by the Management.
The company guideline followed is:

Civitanavi Systems promotes the value of the individual and of its know-how, aware that excellence begins with the people, qualified, specialized and daily committed to giving the best of themselves and to providing high quality technical products all over the world.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Maximum customer satisfaction is the fundamental objective of the company, with products that meet their expectations and explicit and implicit needs for quality and global service. In this way it is possible to assure the Company a leading position on the market and a  long-lasting relationship with the Customer.
All this is the basis of the company mission.

“We care, We perform, We deliver!” The company’s goal is to exceed its customers’ expectations.

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT: Ensure timely and effective management of emergencies of any kind and entity, which may occur, in order to safeguard the activities of the Company, customer satisfaction, health and safety of workers and environmental protection. Minimize at the same time the risks related to work activities to eliminate hazards and prevent accidents and occupational diseases.

SUSTAINABILITY: It is the “engine” of a process of continuous improvement, which guarantees results over time and the strengthening of economic performance, reputation, health and safety of workers as well as the achievement of its objectives in the environmental and social fields.
Operating sustainably means creating value for stakeholders and using resources in a way that does not compromise the needs of future generations, respecting people, the environment and society as a whole.

Civitanavi Systems believes that there can be no innovation without sustainability.

CORE VALUES and COMPANY PRINCIPLES of the company are:

  • Teamwork: “It is a common effort” – Openness, communication and sharing of the objectives are the keys of success. Employees’ interests are Company’s interests and Company’s interests are Employees’ interests.
  • Target oriented: “We take things seriously” – We treat problems as “jewelry” and understand that the only way to successful growth is by solving problems. We have a lot of passion and we have the right amount of “Crazy”: we don’t stop until we hit the target. Always!
  • Technology: “Devoted to Innovation”  – We are focused on developing technology to create innovation, with a clear path from research and development to products for the marketplace. The purpose of innovation is for better products in the eyes of our customers.
  • Customer Satisfaction: “We want to solve our customers’ problems” – It is always OUR problem: we do not care if it is our issue or our customers’ issue; we want to make them happy by providing the right solution.
  • Loyalty & Integrity: Loyalty & Integrity: “Whatever you do, do it right” – Doing the right thing requires honesty and truthfulness in all of our corporate and individual actions. “The Civitanavi Systems folks” are part of one team: everyone, at every level and degree of responsibility, cooperates constructively and fairly, sharing ideas, technologies and talents, and developing the ability to learn from experience by increasing the company’s knowledge and expertise.


Management is committed to meeting customer requirements, mandatory requirements, and those dictated by relevant standards, and to pursuing continuous improvement in the effectiveness of the management system.

This document is implemented, kept active and distributed to all “stakeholders”, customers and employees of Civitanavi Systems.

The effective management of the System requires the involvement of the entire organization at all levels. Therefore, the implementation of what has been described above is a undamental requirement of every activity carried out in the company, based on the objectives assigned to each individual.

Doc: SYS-PO-07   Data: 08/02/2024