Millionary startups, here are the magnificent 26

Agosto 11, 2014

Millionary startups, here are the magnificent 26

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They exceed one million euros in turnover, they are mainly in the North (but also in Puglia and Sardinia) and range from digital technology to pharmaceuticals, from online consulting to the manufacture of tools and equipment. A small Italian Duckburg  of innovation.

In Italy there is a small group of millionaire startups. There are 26 innovative startups that, as of August 4, 2014, appeared to have exceeded the symbolic figure of one million euros in turnover in the last year of life. This is what emerges from the official data of the Chambers of Commerce, which also indicate whether the value of the production of the aforementioned companies has been between one and two million euros or if it falls within the 2-5 million range (here the complete data). They are scattered throughout Italy – mainly in the Centre-North, but there are in Puglia, Sardinia and one in Calabria – and deal with various sectors: from digital to pharmaceutical, from communication to aircraft construction, from eco-friendly technological solutions to online comparison and consulting services. Some are companies born from long-term professionals, others university spin-offs. Here is the list of startups of our small, innovative Duckburg.

Blackshape Aircraft

Blackshape  Aircraft is an Italian aeronautical production company for civil uses, based in Monopoli, In Puglia, where it operates within the Apulian aerospace district. The company is dedicated to the production of ultralight touring aircraft, which are made entirely of carbon fiber.  Blackshape  was founded in 2009 by the engineer Luciano Belviso and the lawyer Angelo Petrosillo, taking advantage of a loan of 25,000 euros made available by the Puglia region within a program of incentives for the return of brains. In 2010 it became a joint-stock company, with the entry into the share capital of Angelo Pertosa (owner of  Mermec,an Apulian company specialized in security systems for the measurement and monitoring of the railway infrastructure network) who decided to invest in the company.  Blackshape,in 2011, became the fifth Italian aeronautical company by capitalization, while the Monopoli plant represents the second investment of the Apulian aeronautical district, after the Boeing Alenia plant in Grottaglie.

Musix Match

Founded in 2010 by Max Ciociola, Jonny Delli Carri and Giuseppe Costantino, it has developed a mobile application that synchronizes its digital music archive with its lyrics,showing the lyrics of a song while listening to it on the iPhone, Spotify account or other compatible devices / services. It reaches millions of users around the world. Among the countries where it is most successful are the United States, Brazil, Japan.


Applix specializes in creating new media concepts on mobile platforms through applications for tablets and smartphones. Two flagship products:  Appdoit,a platform for the industrial creation of applications for mobile devices, and  Viewerplus,a digital publishing suite for publishers and companies that allows the transformation of paper products (magazines, brochures, books and manuals) into digital content for mobile devices.  It exceeds two million euros in turnover and today has 45 employees. The founders are Claudio  Somazzi  and Marco Cirilli. When they decided to found  Applix in 2010, they already had experience in the world of innovation, being among the partners of the Incubator Digital  Magics. “In 2008 –  Somazzi  told EconomyUp–we crossed the nascent trend of apps, which in Italy was still in its infancy. We saw fantastic potential and decided to create the first dedicated vertical company in Italy”. They then abandoned Digital  Magics  and, from Gorgonzola, a village in northern Milan, they started their project: a platform to help companies create products for the end customer.


Founded in 2011 by Tom Davis, who is its CEO, Solair  Srl of Bologna is anapplication  platform for the Internet of  Things. The solution is aimed at companies with many”Things”located in one or more territories, who want better products, more competitive services and happy customers. Solair’s platform    facilitates the collection of data from”Things”and integrates it into business processes. CEO Davis has over 15 years of experience in the Enterprise Software industry, working for multinationals such as think3, PTC and MRO (now IBM). The solutions development director, Valeria Naldi, has twenty years of experience in medical software development and especially CAD. Before working for  Solair  he worked for the multinational  NoemaLife  Group. Solair  also deals with philanthropy: she collaborates with the Bali  Children’s  Project and finances  a school  of 68 children in  Tegallalang  (Bali, Indonesia).


Founded in 2009 in Cremosano (Crema) by a team specialized in the development of rubber, it has developed an innovative production process capable of improving the performance of rubber for offset printing. The current processes, in fact, are still fundamentally based on old technologies, which do not allow the use of modern materials for the development of innovative rubber. Acoma  has developed a “Zero Solvents” technology that guarantees high and constant quality and respect for the environment. The result is the introduction on the world market of two lines of innovative products: ACO PRINT, a series of rubber for all applications, and ACO COAT, a series of sheets for painting.

Civitanavi Systems

It is a company from Civitanova Marche, registered in the Register of Innovative Companies in 2012, which operates on the international market in the field of design development, production and inertial navigation services and stabilization systems. CEO and co-founder is Andrea Pizzarulli,Mike  Perlmutter  and Giovanni Morelli the two executive vice-presidents. The  srl  is owned by the holding company  Civitanavi Systems Ltd and the Marche Foundation: it thus combines a pool of strategic investors of the holding company with the support of local entrepreneurs and the national network of banks belonging to the Marche Foundation.


Innovative startup in Milan active since 2009, XGLab  has as its core business the development of high-performance instrumentation and electronics for X-rays and gamma rays. The founders come from a group of researchers active for several decades in the field of radiation detectors, in particular Silicon  Drift  Detectors(SDDs). This group is considered an international industry benchmark.


Fairone Spa offers an online mortgage comparison service through the website launched in January 2011. Stefano Rossini is CEO and founder of  FairOne  S.p.A., the company that owns the online service. It is both a mortgage search and comparison engine, and an online credit broker that helps you choose and get your mortgage. The consultants verify the feasibility of the loan request directly with the bank and support the customer on the phone through the entire process up to the disbursement, responding via toll-free number to doubts or perplexities. The service is paid by the banks, which recognize a fee for the loan stipulated.


It is a spin-off of the University of Padua. The members have decades of expertise in various fields of mechanical and aerospace engineering ranging from air and space propulsion, to computational fluid dynamics to the realization of complex systems that have been tested in flight. The goal of HIT09 is to provide high-level engineering support, aimed at the development of innovative products, the reduction of development and production costs, the increase in product quality, the increase in the operational performance  of products, the reduction of production times. The services provided: design and development of industrial systems and numerical simulations. The products: jet thrusters and 3D TAC.


He deals with the provision of advanced services to pharmaceutical companies and the development of drugs and diagnostics on his own, with particular interest in the field of biotechnology. The legal and administrative headquarters are located in Rome, but most of the research activities are carried out in the operational headquarters of Naples at the laboratories of the Department of Pharmacy of the University “Federico II”. The provision of advanced services to pharmaceutical companies consists mainly in training patients suffering from serious pathologies (such as multiple sclerosis and hypopituitarism) to the use of particular medical devices called autoinjectors. The service is provided by a network of 18 nurses that covers the entire national territory.  Over time, Xenus  has established solid relationships of scientific collaboration with university research centers of national importance such as the Department of Pharmacy of the Federico II University of Naples, the Neurological Clinic of the Second Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Rome La Sapienza, the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Rome Tor Vergata and the Department of Biotechnology and Biosciences of the University of Milan Bicocca. By virtue of these collaborations, the company has filed 7 patent applications since January 2009. It also owns three brands.


Niteko  Srl is a design and production company with headquarters in Montemesola (Taranto) and branch in Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico). It manufactures devices for street lighting, industrial lighting, for large areas and for architectural and decorative lighting.


It was founded in 2010 in the I3P incubator of the Politecnico di Torino with the mission of designing, developing and releasing new models for companies in the Telecommunications, Finance and Utilities sector that intend to simplify management processes and improve the user experience. It employs over 270 people with a turnover of over 12 million euros and was awarded on 12 December as “I3P Start Up of the Year 2013”. “When we started, we sensed that the power of smartphones and tablets could be used to simplify the relationship processes between large companies and their customers,”  Michele  Scarici,CEO of Ennova,told  EconomyUp.

Leap Factory

The activity of the Turin LEAPfactory  is based on the constant search for design solutions to respond to the problems posed by the infrastructure of the natural environment. The goal is to rethink the ways of relationship between man, nature and artifice, using the alpine landscape as a laboratory of experimentation.  LEAPfactory products are all prefabricated, designed to “live with zero impact” in sensitive natural places to be protected. The founders are Stefano Testa and Luca  Gentilcore.

Leap Factory

It is the platform on which 4.5 million Italians are preparing to shop in stores near home. DoveConviene,which has offices in Cagliari, Bologna and Milan, is the geo-localized digital newsstand that makes available flyers and catalogs of the main retailers and brands of every category, from food to electronics, from furniture to DIY, from travel to clothing, and offers them to users who are in the reference areas of the stores. The services offered by  DoveConviene  are accessible, in addition to the site, also from the homonymous free application developed for the main mobile platforms: iOS, Android,  WindowsPhone,Windows8, Amazon and BlackBerry. Alessandro Palmieri and Stefano  Portu  are Co-CEO and co-founder, Michele Costabile is Chairman of the Board of Directors, Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffè and Pietro De Nardis are Board Directors.

Your Pharma

Founded in 2010, TES Pharma is a startup dedicated to discovering new drugs. Its headquarters are in Perugia. The founders are Roberto Pellicciari, Graeme  Robertson, Antonio  Macchiarulo,Antimo Gioiello.

Lean Products

LeanProducts  of Pordenone, active internationally, has identified, developed and placed on the market a wide range of components and specific solutions to apply the innovative concepts of  lean production in the field. The term identifies an industrial philosophy inspired by the Toyota Production System, which aims to minimize waste to the point of eliminating it.


It focuses on biosciences and a unique technology in Europe. Founded by Vincenzo Ricco – 35 years of entrepreneurial experience in the optoelectronic sector – Crest Optics  srl  develops and manufactures innovative electro-optical instruments for scientific and industrial applications. The first product of the startup is X-light: a unique technology in Europe and already leader of its market niche with 100 devices sold in less than 2 years, for 3 million euros (among customers,  Molecular  Devices Japan,  Thermo Fisher and Nikon Instruments).


Abinsula,whose name means “from the island”, is a company that offers solutions in the fields of Web, Mobile, Smart TV and Embedded systems. With headquarters in Sassari, present in Turin and soon in Cagliari,  Abinsula  has a staff of almost 20 people including employees and collaborators. Founded in March 2012 by leading professionals in the information technology industry, ithasgrown steadily. It stands out in the development of software for the automotive world. Last May,  Abinsula  joined the GENIVI consortium, an association that includes major car manufacturers such as BMW, PSA Peugeot and Citroen, General Motors,  Jaguar-Land Rover and car component manufacturers such as Bosch and Magneti Marelli.

Solbian Energy Alternative

Solbian manufactures innovative flexible photovoltaic panels for boating, campers and special applications. It is based in Avigliana (Turin).


It is an agency specialized in Digital Strategy, Digital Transformation  and Digital Marketing. For over  4  years he has been carrying out digital communication projects for customers with the aim of creating value and improving performance.

Personal Factory

Founded in Simbario, province of Vibo Valentia, in 2009 and registered in the startup section of the business register since 2014, Personal Factory  di Francesco and Luigi Tassone operates in the construction sector. Origami 4 is the first 6 square meter factory that creates everything you need to build buildings. It was founded after more than 25 years of experience in powder mixtures, as a spin-off of research activities funded by the public and private companies. The experience and spirit of innovation of young and dynamic men have been the main engine of the company’s competitive economic results.

Color System

Founded in 2001 in Castelfidardo, in the province of Ancona, by Emo Romoli, Lina Roncaglia and Aldo Romoli. It deals with the production of special water-based paints, therefore environmentally friendly.


It develops machinery that serves the application of nuclear medicine. The operational headquarters is in Bologna, the production one in Ferrara.


SI14 – It was founded in Padua in 2008 by a team of young professionals in board system design. Capital-funded    by M31 Italia, an incubator for the initial stages of high-tech start-ups,  Si14 has specialized in “turnkey” embedded solutions. It has offices in Europe and North America. Among its products there is Glass Up, augmented reality glasses that thanks to Bluetooth, are able to become a second screen of the smartphone and allow you to read  emails,sms or messages directly on theglasses. They want to be the Italian alternative to Google Glass and are made by a team between 40 and 50 years old: Francesco  Giartosio,from Modena who calls himself a “serial startupper”, a Brescian graduated in physics and psychosomatic medicine, Gianluigi  Tregnaghi,and the Paduan Andrea  Tellatin.

Noa Solution

Founded in Cagliari in 2009, it provides companies with support for the development of plans for the evolution of the company information system.


Founded in 2010 in Milan by Linnea Passaler,it has developed a platform to find specialist medical care on offer. It offers answers and health services and gives the opportunity to consult thousands of updated insights, answers from doctors and health professionals to users’ questions, video-interviews with the best specialists and insights on drugs. On the site you can search and find local specialists, book visits and buy check-ups and treatments at a discounted price, request an online video-consultation and also send a health question with a free answer.

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