Airborne Inertial Navigation Family

IMU/AHRS/Gyrocompass and Stabilization

KRIO is Civitanavi System’s response to the requirement for a dual use, ITAR free Inertial Measurement Unit for commercial, military and industrial applications providing customers with greater flexibility in its use, system accuracy and function. The fully flexible design provides for a multiple range of capabilities from tactical through to a complete gyrocompassing AHRS function, weighing a mere 1Kg and consuming less than 14 Watts of input power, it is the world’s lightest, smallest and lowest power consuming Inertial Measurement Unit available in the market today.The AHRS version of the KRIO is certifiable to DO-178B and DO-254 standards and is capable of meeting the very demanding and precise navigation capability required by airborne applications.

All KRIO configurations can be installed with variations of software, including:

• Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)

• Motion Compensation

• Radar Stabilization

• Guidance

• Flight Control Software

• EO Stabilization

Characteristics KRIO
Heading accuracy (RMS) <1°-0.5° sec Latitude
Roll/Pitch (RMS) <0.5°-0.1°
Aiding source GNSS (RTK/Omni star)
SW/HW certifcation DO-178B/DO-254

System Characteristics


RS422 digital I/O RS422 digital I/O
Data output rate up to 2KHz

Environmental and Reliability

Operating Temperature -54°C <T < 71°C
EMI/Vibration/Shock DO-160G/MIL-810F


Size (WxHxD) 118x85x127mm
Weight <1.5Kg

Power Supply

Consumption 10-14W
Supply Voltage 18-36VDC


Type FOG
In run Bias stability (1σ) Allan variance <0.1-0.01°/hr
Bias repeatability (1σ) <0.5°-0.1°/hr
ARW <0.05-0.005°/√hr
Scale factor stability/Linearity (1σ) <300-100 ppm
Maximum rate ±400-1000°/sec
Bandwidth (-3db) 70-500Hz


Type MEMS/Quartz
Bias repeatability <1-15mg
Input Range ±5/10/20/40/60g
Bandwidth 70-500Hz