Civitanavi Systems based its foundation on the vision of gaining the role of a principal player in the worldwide market of Inertial Measurements Units (IMU), Orientation and Stabilization Systems (AHRS), and Georeferencing solutions based on Inertial Navigation Systems (INS), for both Industrial and Aerospace & Defense applications, by designing, manufacturing, delivering and overhaul dual-use products.

Civitanavi Systems seeks to retain an even business balance between Industrial and Aerospace & Defense markets and carefully design and develop the proprietary technology in order to maintain common technological cores and to leverage on components and processes reuse to serve both types of products.

Civitanavi Systems considers of the utmost importance the human resources in order to support the company mission, that is to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, to realize safe, reliable and high-accuracy products based on cutting-edge technology, to respect the delivery time-frame. The mission is stated in the motto “We care, We perform, We deliver!”. The company goal is to exceed the expectations of its customers.

Civitanavi Systems is a vertically integrated high-tech company that is constantly committed to enhance both the technical and soft skills of individuals. The company is constantly engaged in sharing its entrepreneurial attitude, characterised by promoting the sense of initiative, proactivity, independence and innovation, to all the employees, while at the same time is focused on protecting and preserving a positive, productive, stimulating and rewarding work environment firmly based on ethical values and targeted to the welfare of the company’s employees.

Civitanavi Systems pursues the above stated vision and mission by developing in every individual the sense of  responsibility and accountability in the broadest possible meaning: in realizing mission and safety critical products, in delivering reliable services, in complying to quality requirements by implementing a Quality Management System, in carefully considering risks and properly adopting mitigation strategies, in working as a team by sharing workload and responsibilities but also being liable and answerable for personal decisions and actions.

Civitanavi Systems builts the company success on the know-how of a team of world-leading experts in Inertial Systems technology with a solid background in the design and development of inertial sensors, navigation software, mission and safety critical systems certification and manufacturing processes. Civitanavi Systems recognizes the importance of managers’ leadership and the need of training the leadership skill in every individual, as leadership is deemed the key factor in order to take a team from ordinary to extraordinary means to successfully match the most challenging objectives.

Civitanavi Systems summarizes the company principles in the following statements:

  • Values the individual and the know-how
  • Rewards the willingness to take responsibilities and personal initiative
  • Constantly invests in research and development projects because it believes in innovation
  • Believes that product quality, that includes performance, reliability and safety, is the trait that makes the difference within the worldwide market.
  • Promotes team work and individual accountability
  • Adopts and implements Quality Management Systems in order to constantly improve the products, the methods and the employees’ technical and soft skills.
  • Aims to further grow in a global market, where it already successfully operates.

Complimentary to the company principles, Civitanavi Systems adopts these company core values:

  • Teamwork: “It is a common effort” – Openness, communication and sharing of the objectives are the keys of success. Employees’ interests are Company’s interests and Company’s interests are Employees’ interests.
  • Target oriented: “We take things seriously” – We treat problems as jewelleries and understand that the only way to successful growth is by solving problems. We have a lot of passion and we have the right amount of “Crazy”: we don’t stop until we hit the target. Always!
  • Technology: “Devoted to Innovation” – We are focused on developing technology to create innovation, with a clear path from research and development to products for the marketplace. The purpose of innovation is for better products in the eyes of our customers.
  • Customer Satisfaction: “We want to solve our customers’ problems” – It is always OUR problem: we do not care if it is our issue or our customers’ issue, we want to make them happy by providing the right solution.
  • Loyalty & Integrity: “Whatever you do, do it right” – Doing the right thing requires honesty and truthfulness in all of our corporate and individual actions. We employ professionals who can always be counted on to do the right thing wherever they are.


Civitanavi Systems is convinced that the company profit, quality and growth goals are met by means of properly sharing and implementing this company policy.